Chickpeas and vegetables

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1/4 of an onion
200 grams of eggplant
10 pieces of rice
Tomatoes (about 200 grams) one
Garlic 4 petals
50 grams of carrots
50 grams of celery
10 pieces of rolled leaf
80 ml of vegetable oil
5 grams of salt
5 grams of white sugar
1/8 teaspoon of black pepper
1/2 teaspoon of cheese powder

How TO MADE Chickpeas and vegetables

1. Vegetables are processed, onions and garlic are chopped, tomatoes are chopped, carrots and celery are chopped, peppers are chopped.

2. The pan is heated, put in vegetable oil, when it is six degrees hot, put the onion in the end to make the flavor, then put it in the chili peppers, then put it in the tomatoes, stir until the tomatoes become transparent, then add the tomatoes, cook the juice on high heat.

3. It is then seasoned with carrots and celery, salted with sugar and black pepper, fried until the tomato juice is concentrated, and rolled leaves and cheese powder are added to turn off the fire.

4. Vegetable sauce can be used to stir the dough.

5. The most common accompaniment to noodles is a thin rectangular dough, add more water to the dough, add salt after boiling the water.

6. Some noodles do not stick to the pan easily, and adding a little salt after boiling the water can make the noodles not stick together.

7. When cooking the dough, stir evenly with a chopstick, do not stick to the bottom.

8. The cooking process should be kept on high heat, and do not cover the pot, cook for nine minutes.

9. For more detailed cooking notes, please refer to the previous post Seafood white sauce pasta.

10. Remove the dough, mix it in the vegetable sauce and you can eat it.