Fish and chips

2023-09-21 10:32:12BAKING


  If someone asks: "Do you always cook with green peppers as ingredients?" because I like to eat peppers. If you don't like peppers, you can also replace them with carrots, bamboo, cucumbers, or garlic.



250 grams of pork
50 grams of watermelon
100 grams of green pepper
Onions in moderation
Ginger in moderation
Garlic in moderation
A moderate amount of pepper
Old suction cup
Life expectancy
A moderate amount of vinegar
The Right Amount
Alcohol in moderation
White sugar in moderation
Moderate amounts of starch
Vegetable oils in moderation
Adequate salt intake

How TO MADE Fish and chips

Steps 1 to 4

1. Cut the lean meat into two-centimeter-long strips, add the flavoring alcohol, salt, and water starch to the dough!

2. Add the remaining water starch to the ingredients, add the vinegar, add the salt, add the white sugar, add the flavor, and make the sauce!

3. Wash your ears softly and cut them into pieces as big as meat!

4. Wash the green peppers and cut the seeds into silk sizes!

Steps 5 to 8

5. Cut the peppers, the onions, the garlic, and the onions!

6. Open the electromagnetic stove, put the pan in the frying pan, add the right amount of vegetable oil, heat the oil, put the meat in the frying pan and add the right amount of old tobacco!

7. Let the meat change color, then add the chili peppers, ginger, and garlic to the flavor!

8. The meat is cooked and added to the green pepper!

9. Add the green pepper and stir for a while, then stir with the onion flowers!

10. At the end, add the sauce and stir evenly so that it comes out of the pot!

11. If you're sharing with others, then add a little oil! I didn't!