Seafood tower

2023-09-21 10:32:53PIES


  It coincided with the double eleven, the courier store exploded, we did the fresh sellers gathered not to deliver, so as not to spoil the seafood on the way, ha ha, so no delivery, just rest rest, do something good to eat hard work yourself the previous few days paid hardWhat's going on?If you're going to receive seafood from a small company, let's do it together.



200 grams of flour
One egg.
Half of a lemon
A piece of bacon.
Red sugar in moderation
Green beans in moderation
30 grams of vegetable oil
Three of them.
One onion.
Five of them.
Life expectancy

How TO MADE Seafood tower

Steps 1 to 4

1. Flour, vegetable oil, duck eggs, all added together, I don't agree with that, everything seems to be rough, almost try it, ha ha,

2. Dry, slice and knead with an appropriate amount of water.

3. Because the duck eggs are added, the dough is very tough, it doesn't move, it's almost like this, the preservative is wrapped in the refrigerator and frozen for half an hour, just in time to prepare the filling

4. Amethyst chopping, flavored soft balls.

Steps 5 to 8

5. Yes, and an onion, don't forget to cut it too.

6. Celery sliced, with a crisp celery flavor, and also a hint of fruit sweetness, good to eat

7. A piece of bacon, Chase.

8. Heat the oil, boil the onions first, wait for the onions to become slightly transparent, add the almonds and stir-fry

Steps 9 to 12

9. Wait for the almonds to soften a bit, add the cherries and bacon.

10. Keep going.

11. Mixed wine, raw tobacco, red sugar, juice to be harvested

12. Fry the stuffing, clean the stove, about half an hour, take out the dough, bake it into thin cakes, put it in the oven.

Steps 13 to 16

13. Pouring into the filling

14. Collected well.

15. The shrimp is cooked and the green beans are decorated.

16. Lower 200 degrees, 20 minutes, up another 3 minutes.

17. All right, eat it! You want to eat seafood plus me, haha